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Think it's easy to make? Maybe think harder.

First of all, I'd like to say good job, PC. I can understand the difficulties that have sometimes arisen when you were making this, since I was on PalTalk. That being said, if you could make this, find a place to start, and do! Make your own 3D sprites, import them near flawlessly, and we'll see how you do, ok?

The graphics are nice. I noticed a few flaws, such as how the swords turned the color of the background a few times. The 3D animations you made in 3DS are nice enough. The few errors forced me to give this a 7.

Style: Well, it's freaking ninjas, and it is somewhat unique. It's only the first, so I can understand why it would be underrated compared to the others. I'll still give style an 8.

Sound: Nice enough, but I could understand how Dog Shit could be mis-interpretted, or not understood. I reccomend speech bubbles or subtitles in animations with voices such as his. I'll still give it a six.

Violence: There was fighting, sword swinging, and it was 3D imported in to flash as well. It ends up being around a seven.

Interactivity: Unless you call voting and clicking play interactive, then this gets a 0 in this category.

Humor: I don't know... I just found it pretty humorous. I'll give it a 5.

Overall, I think this deserves around an eight, so I gave it one. Carnage, please continue with any and all of your works. You're good, and you get better.

Oh, and just so you know: His next flash is gonna rock your fucking socks. ;) Details at eleven. (Eleven meaning when ever he submits his next piece of work. In case he wants it to be a surprise, I won't tell you anymore.) You can follow him on PalTalk, or go to his thread.

This series gets continually better in graphics, and characters in various ways... IE: The Twins were annoying and funny, and the fat one was just pretty hilarious... Fucking obese ninjas for the win.

I personally enjoyed it.

I may not understand the language well,but I enjoyed it on a whole. It wasn't hard to read the subtitles or anything. Keep up the good work! (this is for a and b)

I personally liked it!

I may not understand the language well enough, as I just started to learn, I enjoyed it on a whole. It wasn't hard to read the subtitles or anything. Keep up the good work! (this is for a and b)

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Good Tutorial

I thought this tutorial was done in a pretty good manner. I'll try and watch it once I finish my website, and return to learning flash.

Cloudv909 responds:

Hope you do that soon! Remember this is only v1.0 I promise there will be a v2.0 and v3.0 etc. with more options, longer tests, more classes. So I hope I can get this done before alot of people start reviewing it, thanks for the review!


Another great idea by Dan Paladin, with Glaiel this time. I really enjoyed this as a whole.

I liked the Control Point type of gameplay, and the vehicles were done very well, considering this is a two-dimensional game.

The graphics were nice- I would have given more, but I wanted more color at the moment I played this. The style... Well, I'll say it this way. You did a good job making a game with this genre. The sound effects were well done, and that is always a plus.

Being a game, it was, of course, interactive. It gave you a LOT of control, in my opinon, with great gameplay, but not being as difficult as Alien Hominid. The violence was also nice- Nothing like seeing little flat heads explode into peices. I wouldn't say it had much humor to it, or none that I sensed in my current tired self.

I believe this deserves an 8 out of 10, no doubt.

Preety fun!

There is that problem in the third level though... Can't get the damn red damn dot... Still fun!

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Side-effects may include: Become Addicted

This is very addictive, man. For that reason, it hasn't gotten old yet... It was also a great song for Afro_Ninja's submission, Territory War. I was glad that the mission that had this as its music was the first long one I had. I left this on, and read the BBS Battle Royale, and it was perfect music to have in the backround.

The percussion (drums) are very clear, and the guitar isn't as clear, but definitely clear enough. Keep up the good work, man. I like your music!

FUNKbrs responds:

Damn... saying it gets better over time is a big complement.

I was TOTALLY getting him to pull strings for him to use it though.

You gotta love those insider NG connections!


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