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Good News, etc.

2007-12-21 22:50:16 by SiLvErShOt10

Well, I found out recently that my back has finally healed. The unfortunate part of the news -- since there is usually one -- is that I have to wear the brace for three more weeks, taking it off for a bit more time every day. This is so that my back muscles are once more used to working alone.

Let's see... Resolutions. I should make them. Here's my attempt:

One: I am going to finish healing, and attempt to improve my strength and speed as much as possible. It's difficult to set a goal at this point.

Two: I am going to keep working hard with football, and I will get more playtime without getting injured so early on.

Three: I am going to maintain my grades and get a job.

Four: I want to return to learning flash, and I hope I will be able to submit a flash to the portal.

Well, that's that.

Now here are some of my plans, not necessarily what I'd call resolutions, though.

I want to start drawing again, and perhaps later work on coloring my works on the computer. We'll see how this turns out.

I also wish to continue writing, and hopefully improve my skills. I'm okay at character development and such, I believe, but I am terrible with coming up with names. In addition, at times I am unable to think of a decent or even coherent story line. I'd still call myself okay or even a bit better in terms of my abilities, but I'd like to fix the areas where I'm weak.

Anyone have any suggestions or crap like that? Feel free to mention some of your resolutions or soemthing -- I won't mind if you do.


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