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Back Brace and The Fox and the Hound

2007-11-10 01:13:55 by SiLvErShOt10

Well, I haven't made a news post in awhile... Or many at all.

I have my big ol' backbrace now, and I can thank football (American) for that. Not that I'm really complaining- I love the game, and the back brace is just very uncomfortable and a very big inconvenience. I'm supposed to wear it until my back heals... However long that is. Considering the orthopedic doctor said that I couldn't play winter sports and may not be able to do at least some spring sports (or at least not for the whole season) I'm guessing it'll be awhile until I don't have to wear this thing.

Speaking of my injury, it's spondylolysis in my L5 vertebra, that is, a stress fracture. It's present in both of the ridges on the vertebra, I think, from what they saw on the bone scan results. Also, before anyone (as if they'd come to my userpage... Hurck) says anything... A stress fracture does not equal a broken back, severed spine, or paralysis. It just means that if it isn't healed, I'll have chronic back pain, and a chance to get some pretty painful and crippling conditions.

Now, on a lighter note...

I can thank TwilightFox for making a post about the Fox and the Hound. I had a short discussion with him... Frankly, it was one of my favorite movies when I was younger, and his news post made me dig it out and watch it. Check out the post I'm speaking of here: /post/43566


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2007-11-10 11:52:00

You're welcome! :3

SiLvErShOt10 responds:

Yep, again, thanks.