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I'm Back

2008-09-04 18:47:33 by SiLvErShOt10

Alright, I've been busy. Now I'm busier, but for some reason, it made me think of Newgrounds. Hey, whatever works, right?


I've a job. And school.

First Semester: French III, Honors Physics of Mechanics, AP Calculus, and AP European History
Second Semester: Honors French IV, Honors English Composition, AP Calculus, and AP European History


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2010-08-08 23:58:39

As for me...*sigh* this year instead of putting me in "drawing CP" they put me in "Sculpting" and i can't change classes because there are no openings left!

SiLvErShOt10 responds:

Have you tried talking to the teacher directly? Sometimes works in college.